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There are so many good reasons for commercial building owners to consider their lighting as a business asset.  I could mention the energy savings, environmental impacts, maintenance savings, and a host of other good reasons for building owners to look at their illumination requirements differently.  But I won’t. Rather, I’ll simply refer to an article I noticed in a recent LED Magazine (  The article was a discussion about the LED lighting market.  In the article, John Bachner, a National Lighting Bureau (NBL) Executive Director, was making mention of all the government and utility company incentives currently available for building owners to replace century old lighting technology.  What Mr. Bachner said sure made sense to me.
He said, “Some of the carrots that can be applied to lower the cost of upgrading and replacement will not be around that much longer, because sticks are in place, too. [For example,] it will soon become almost impossible to maintain lighting systems that use the most outdated technologies, like T12 fluorescent lighting, because it’s no longer legal to manufacture or import key parts. Why incentivize people to do [something] that they’ll be required to do no matter what? Right now, an investment in high-quality, modern lighting is probably one of the most cost-effective investments any business could make.”
Maybe you should decide for yourself.  You can read more at the LED Magazine ( ) as well as other articles related to LED lighting at National Lighting Bureau .